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Web Design: The Importance of Social Media and Web Design

July 14, 2016

Web design and social media design are vitally important this day and age for both large and small businesses. With more and more consumers doing their purchasing online having well-functioning and visibly appealing web design and social media accoun…


Web Design: How to Identify a Good Web Design Company

July 12, 2016

Web design is vitally important when it comes to standing out against your competitors. Not only do you want a visually appeal website featuring your company‚Äôs products or services, but you also want the web design to be functional and very user fr…

New Changes Coming to Google Maps

July 11, 2016

When we have a need for a product (new outfit, cleaning products, etc) or service (home maintenance or repair, dentist, doctor, lawyer), we pull out our smart phone and enter what we are looking for into Google. As consumers, we may do this several t…