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Pages per Session Importance in Google Analytics

June 28, 2017

Pages per session statistics are another great aspect of the free Google Analytics tool. This is feature, like many others, allows you to see how effective your website is for your target customers. Learning the ins and outs of Google Analytics is im…


Google Analytics Introductory Guide for Beginners to Achieve Website Optimization

June 13, 2017

Google Analytics is an excellent free service that tracks nearly everything to do with your website’s traffic. Every website can benefit from using this valuable tool. Both business and personal websites alike can use analytics about website traffi…

Google Ranking in 2017 – Learning What Matters

March 3, 2017

If the goal for your website is to boost its Google ranking during 2017, then it is important to know what factors matter most. Some factors that mattered just a few short years ago no longer carry the same weight. Now, you must focus your attention …

New Changes Coming to Google Maps

July 11, 2016

When we have a need for a product (new outfit, cleaning products, etc) or service (home maintenance or repair, dentist, doctor, lawyer), we pull out our smart phone and enter what we are looking for into Google. As consumers, we may do this several t…

Google Demands Quality Content – Employ an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

October 23, 2015

Logo & Web Design Flower Mound Texas – Google demands that you now have high quality, relevant content or they simply will not index your site. Read more about what Google deems as quality content and why you should ensure you have a high quality content marketing strategy in place.

Content Marketing & Quality Content – Google Now Demands It

June 9, 2015

When it comes to quality, nothing will make folks stand up and take action like Google mandating it! And that is what seems to have happened, quietly, without fanfare. Google is rolling out a new algorithm and like many in the past, has been pretty q…